No membership fee increase:

PEO does not have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem! Taxing the members doesn’t fix that!

PEO is spending your hard earned dollar like there is no tomorrow,  I am sure that even fee increase will not resolve PEO’s over spending problem.

Spend on our core responsibilities:

Stop funding useless pet programs, committees, task forces, and overpriced external consultants. More than ever, it’s time for accountability, prudence, and transparency!

No Mandatory “PEAK”; Revisit “PEAK”:

It is unneeded, ineffective, and hopelessly bureaucratic. Most members I have met, don’t want it—the majority have not been registering for it. Worse—the true costs of the program are being hidden from the membership and from Council.

There are those who think CPD and PEAK are necessary in order to make us competent. 30 hours of classes will not make anyone a competent engineer. Engineers due to the nature of their work have to upgrade themselves, otherwise they will find themselves unemployed or they loose their client. If an engineer been away from the profession for so long that his/her practice is questionable; 30 hours of class will not make him competent, many many hours of study required for that.

The PEAK program is a poorly conceived plan to encourage engineers to keep pace with changing technology. CDP was a sloppy response to the government with regards to Elliot Lake & Belanger Report.

After going through the Belanger Report; you will realize that the issue in Elliot late was not the incompetency of engineers, rather was indeed greed of a mall owner who didn’t want to spend money to repair the mall as recommended by the former engineer and a dysfunctional government that doesn’t have proper rules to make them implement the engineer’s recommendations. Make the matters worse, this was an enforcement problem.

The fact of the matter is that PEO has lost its way. That incident was our golden opportunity demanding Exclusive right to practice, creating more specific designations.

Support the chapters:

Provide appropriate funding and give them meaningful work. We need more member involvement.


Low engineering salaries are the result of a flooded labour market and impact performance; they are a regulatory matter! Only licensed engineers should do engineering work. Engineers should not report to technicians and “bean-counters”.

Stop the erosion of democracy:

We are a self-regulated, member-directed profession! Members must be “in-the-loop”. Stop erecting barriers to participation!