Our profession is facing serious challenge and its survival depends on people we elect to the council. For years I watched candidates promise change and after they get elected, they forget why they got the membership vote. If you want something done right, you do it yourself. I am running because I am tired of broken promises.

Our organization has started going down the path of irrelevancy.

We don’t have exclusive right to practice and with over 70% of members not needing their P.Eng. to do their work we have a major gap in PEO’s primary function. We must ask why working engineers feel they do not require their P.Eng.

I talked to many practicing engineers in both public and private sector and the general theme was lack of enforcement. Some, who are doing real engineering believe PEO has dropped the ball in establishing the rights to practice.

That led this organization to have disengaged members. Less than 15% of our members vote, less than 40% of new grads, get their licenses.

Government and political leaders beating the drums that we need more engineers to help the economy and they want to increase the output production of engineers from Ontario universities “Engineering Is The New Liberal Arts” They say.

Engineering is no longer metal or concrete work. We have many new emerging disciplines and PEO is simply ill equipped to handle regulating and licensing of these fields. We are falling behind and that makes us irrelevant.

There are those who think CPD and PEAK are necessary in order to make us competent.

PEAK is not effective or even necessary. The same goes with CPD. The PEAK program is a poorly conceived plan to encourage engineers to keep pace with changing technology. CDP was a sloppy response to the government with regards to Elliot Lake & Belanger Report.

Going through the Belanger Report you realize that the issue in Elliot late was not the incompetency of an engineer, it was indeed greed of a mall owner who didn’t want to spend money to repair the mall as recommended by the engineer and a dysfunctional government that doesn’t have proper rules to make them implement the engineer’s recommendations.

The fact of the matter is that PEO has lost its way. This was our golden opportunity demanding Exclusive right to practice, creating more specific designations. Engineers due to the nature of their job constantly have to educate and improve throughout their career in order to maintain their employment or keep their business comparative. PEAK and CPD are simply waist of membership MONEY.

I hear some candidates talk about fee increase. I do not support a fee increase to support a fruitless program like PEAK.

Please looked at the current Candidates that are running for council and choose the candidates that are for the profession and its members. Please support them by voting and encouraging other fellow license holders to vote.